Who or what is Grimsbeard?

A really common question that comes up is “how did you come about the name Grimsbeard?” Well, truth be told, I inherited it back in 2005 from someone I played RedemptionMUD with. What’s RedemptionMUD? It was/is a text based hack and slash RPG with PVE and PVP elements. It was a lot of fun before I got deeper into gaming. Nevertheless, there you have it. Grimsbeard has served to be my online persona for the past decade and a bit and began as a Dwarf Priest on World of Warcraft.

So, who is Grimsbeard as a person?

I am a lot of things. A high school drop out. Someone who went through a lot of trauma when I was young. I was homeless, on welfare and it couldn’t have gotten much worse than those things. But, I am more than that. I am well educated. College educated. University honours degree in Anthropology in hand to boot. I worked hard for my place in the world and for the life I keep. I’m married to a wonderful woman who has kept both my heart and soul for the better part of 20 years (we began dating in 2001). I am an older gamer, likely one of the older ones you’ll game with too.

When did I start gaming?

Well, I had an Atari 2600 if that’s any hint at my age. I had to dust off my memory to go that far back. I remember playing a bunch of games on a black and white TV sitting in the front hallway of my childhood home. I always found games to be my escapism, but online gaming became my way to connect with other people as well.

What sort of games do you enjoy playing?

That really depends. I have a very active group of people I play with and we tend to play a myriad of games. One day it could be the latest craze in modded Minecraft, the next it could be a shooter such as Overwatch. I really enjoy playing the latest and greatest thing, though. Currently, I am playing a lot of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds while waiting on the closed alpha of Battalion 1944. That said, whatever comes out in the common months means I will change it up so I’d check what I am streaming to see what’s going on.

Are you a casual gamer, e-sports fanatic or an aspiring pro?

Casual. Big time casual. I do take the competition seriously, but at the same time, it’s all about having fun and enjoying the experience of the game. I am older, as I said above, so I realize the younger folks are going to absolutely kick my ass. But, that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy trying to off them once in a while.

Are you trying to make streaming a living?

Nope. It’s my hobby. If it happens, it happens, but the bigger streamers out there have to dedicate their daily lives to their craft. It’s a lot to ask from someone to play the same sort of game over and over again for hours and days on end. I mean, I will, but at the same time I am terrified at the prospect of being partnered and suddenly I feel like I’d lose my audience if I wasn’t dedicated more to specific games. I certainly admire the folks that have made it their profession, though. Lirik, summit1g, Stonemountain64, DrDisrespect or AngryPug.

Do you have a favourite streamer?

Yeah. A couple. AngryPug is a big favourite of mine and DrDisrespect. Both a bit older, but totally different persona styles. Pug is typically just himself and a rather genuine person. The Doc? He’s a character, but a hell of one. They both are really great to follow.

What do you do for a living?

Try and make money. I am bad at it. Don’t worry about that, though. I’ll figure that piece out as time goes on and honestly, it’s not really what you need to know about me anyway.

What is your dream job?

To be a writer. A podcaster. An opinionated old fuddy duddy with a sense of humour and get paid for it. Will it happen? We’ll see.




    1. I hate to say it, but Grimsbeard from Redemption was my inspiration for this name and persona. I totally “borrowed” from the guy a number of years after Redemption. I never played him. Shhh and Tzigane, neither of which sounded really that great to me for online gaming, were me. But you already knew that. I have NO idea who Grimsbeard actually was …. lol

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