Welcome to Rust

Not only a welcome to Rust, but also a welcome to Grimsbeard.com … I hope you enjoy the content I plan to fill this site with. OK, so let’s kick this off.


When you load into the game, you are dropped onto an island with only a handful of certainties. The first is that you have an inventory that has a rock, a couple of bandages and a torch. The second is that you are most decidedly alone. The third is that nothing you see that moves is assumed to be friendly.

Welcome to Rust.

This $20 gem on Steam is currently in Alpha, which means for most games that it is chunky, full of bugs and under active development with a lot of stuff incomplete. The game is definitely spawned off of other survival adventures such as the popular mod for Arma II, Day-Z — which now has a stand alone, also in alpha, but in dire need of further development. What sets Rust apart is that it is far more advanced that an Alpha game really would be and continues to grow with active development updates and a strong modding community. I liken Rust to basically Minecraft having a threesome with a FPS Shooter and 4chan’s /r/¬†board during the Zombie Apocalypse. If you catch any of what that means, then you are almost prepared to play the game.

Now, this post is mostly going to target the newer players. I play and admin on a PVP server where raiding can sometimes be brutal and getting your base messed with can be a complete waste of time. However, with the proper preparation and patience, you can easily defend your happy like homestead from the most vicious of bandits.

So you have logged into the server of choice — I suggest net.connect net.connect¬†where I play — and you’re looking around. The very first thing I always do is bring up the console by pressing F1 and typing in grass.on false … This will turn off the grass overlay on the screen. While it is nice to look at, it hides resources and adds to your frame loss. Simply not worth it.

Now, the next thing I can tell you is that no matter where you spawn, you will inevitably going to die if you stay there for too long. Spawns tend to happen near semi-populated zones or high traffic areas. If you want to live you want to get the hell out of where you are as fast as possible. Maybe you’re lucky and find a group of like-minded survivors, or you were smart and came with friends, but otherwise you’re not going to stay alive hanging around. So… get a move on.

Don’t bother with the Minecraft logic of punching trees, that is unless you only have trees around you, then hit them with your rock. However, as soon as you see resources nodes (small stone grey boulder, large dark grey boulder and a pile of wood logs), start hitting those until you can make yourself a Stone Hatchet (hit TAB, click on Crafting at the top). Now, you have your first weapon / gathering tool. Keep on the move and start to scout possible locations for a place to set up a camp or a base. Don’t be obvious and stick it near a road or out in the open, be as discrete as possible. Pay attention to the different wild life around you. Wolves and Bears will attack you, so stay clear for now, but Rabbits, Boars, Deer and Chickens you can kill and I would absolutely go after some. You need to get food and cloth at this point and in a desperate way. Once you have that, build a camp fire with some wood, cook the meat and eat it as soon as you can until full. You can also make basic clothing out of cloth and a Hunting Bow with some Arrows.

If you play long enough to see a day cycle, night can be freaky because it gets very dark. Remember this though… your torch is limited and if you light it, you can be seen from a very long distance away and all you’re doing is showing other people where you are. Those people might not be friendly. My suggestion? Stay where you are until you can see and keep moving afterward.

ZOMBIES and aggressive animals!

You likely have seen the three types of zombies by now. Normal ones that you can outrun. Dark zombies which shamble slowly and you can outrun, but are tough… and then the speedy Red/Pink zombie which outrunning is more difficult and they hit faster. This is where your bow comes in handy. The normal and pink zombies are one arrow away from death, but the dark ones are four shots to down. Each zombie, however, has loot and you can use this loot to advance rapidly. They commonly drop Ammo, Food, RadPills (reduces radiation), Blood Draw Kits, tools, Bandages and ammunition. Sometimes they will drop Research Kits, MedPacks and Blue Prints to learn advanced weapons, armor and weapon mods. Rarely do they drop building materials, but when they do, these are valuable and you want to learn all that you can from the Metal building materials if you want last. You can also delve into pre-made buildings and find crates that carry the above mentioned loot too.

Remember when I said you want to avoid the wolves and bears? Well, if you have made a bow, you can go hunting. You’re going to need everything they drop to survive too, so remember that wolves are two arrows and bears are four. There are three different types of wolves, so bear in mind they match the Zombie types, but all equally killable.

Finally… if you hear an the sound of a plane overhead, watch to see if crates drop near you. These are precious and can contain any assortment of goodies, but beware … raiders will pick you off if they’re so inclined.

So, come to our Rust server and enjoy! I’ll do another update on this on how to build different homes in a couple of days.



  1. Philip Wengel January 29, 2014 10:43 am  Reply

    In which way does Rust remind you of the request board…?

    • Grimsbeard February 1, 2014 4:11 pm  Reply

      Gonna want to speak to me like a 5 year old on this one. I don’t quite follow.

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