Week 1 Stats!

29 Mar

Week 1 Stats!

What does it all mean? Well, there some more screens, but the gist of it is a measure of how long I am both asleep for and the quality of said sleep. At least that’s how I understand it. I am not sure why the Usage Details are not showing up, but the big information is presented there. I was told my AHI should be around 5-6 and my Maskfit is unlikely to be 100%… That said, it looks like my night-to-night average is pretty awesome (this is a snapshot of the night, but you get the idea) and my sleep schedule is between 6-7 hours depending on how tired I am when I go to bed. Even better, at least to and for me, is I am in bed around midnight instead of damned early.

In a week I get my first evaluation of the machine and my stats. That’ll be fun.

Oh and for amusement sake, yesterday a friend at work said “the first thing you do when you wake up is check your phone to see your sleep stats? Could you be any more boring!” I laughed. Jerk, but he means well.

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