WaDEC — Episode 004 – The Origin Story: Thanks Obama

Welcome back! It’s been a while. Oops.

We got busy. Sorry folks. Upside? We have some stuff to talk about. We give Game of Thrones Episodes 9 and 10 a good once over in this. We also chat about the new Top Gear with Chris Evans … and now Mr. Evans’ departure. He won’t be missed. Then we’re off to the land of Michael Bay where we touch on how some people are far too negative for their own good. Seriously. There’s this guy in Ottawa who rants about literally anything and follows people around taking photos about them to berate how they look on his Facebook. I don’t use hate often, but I hate guys like that. What a dick. Then we talk about Obama, Trudeau and …………. that other leader for the Three Amigos Summit. Why? Dick was there. He had redzone access! It sounds like something dirty, but I promise you that it wasn’t. Well, sort of. Then we touch on Justin Trudeau’s Marvel debut. hah. Again, people lost their minds, we’re confused… You go Captain Canuck! May your Maple Syrup of Justice reign supreme… or something.

And then…

For all those who have sinned, there lies…

REDEMPTION … the Origin Story.

RedemptionMUD is a text based game based in a fantasy realm and, for whatever reason, it was a hit for Dick and myself (along with others) for years. Now? It’s gone… sort of. I mean, someone does run it, but no one ever logs in.

Ps. This post was brought to you by Redemption and the typing speed. I literally do not use more than four fingers to type, but still slay damn near anyone with how quickly I can stroke the keys. GET YOUR MIND OUT OF THE GUTTER.

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