Welcome to the Brotherhood of the Beard, the Twitch page for Grimsbeard!


All times are in EDT/EST. Check Twitter for updates to my schedule.

  • Monday: 7:30p – 11:30p
  • Tuesday: 7:30p – 11:30p
  • Wednesday: 7:30p – 11:30p
  • Thursday: 7:30p – 11:30p
  • Friday: 8:30p – Late
  • Saturday: Frequently throughout day/night, check Twitter.
  • Sunday: 9pm – Midnight for Pathfinder

Chat Rules:

While I am not very Politically Correct, my rules for my chat are pretty simple.

  • No Racism, Bigotry, Homophobia permitted.
  • Respect one another and those I stream with.
  • Don’t beg me for things, I hate that.
  • Above all … interact and have fun!


As of right now, I don’t have my own Discord set up because I play with a group of long-time friends on our own Discord.

Current Rig:

You can also find (and help fund *wink* *wink* my future rig) over at Amazon!