A Twitch-filled Holiday

Well, my holidays came to an end this morning. I am now back at the office and have a lot of awesome memories from the past couple of weeks. Some of them are more personal and unaffiliated to my online work, but one thing stands out for certain with the Internet and my presence and that is Twitch.

A few months ago I signed up for a Twitch.tv account with the idea that I would one day start streaming. The guys (and one girl) I game with on a nightly basis are often the sort to find something to play and do so while making one another laugh our heads off. I thought that it would be a good way to share some of our general jackassary with other people not on our TeamSpeak server. But, like all things I seem to get invested in, it too was put on the back burner.

By the time my Christmas Holidays came around I had vowed that I would do something creative and fun. While I did pick up the guitar again and give that a whirl, I also set up my Twitch stream once again. This time I went so far as to dedicate a decent sounding Microphone and set up a bunch of the games I play on OBS. Even Sarah got in on the Twitch thing when she bought me a webcam for Christmas.

So there I was, usually in my sweat pants and a funny T Shirt playing games for the past few hundred hours … and no shock, I loved it. I went from a lowly two subscribers just before Christmas to a booming 29 as of this morning. Hah. Man, that seems like so many. Like, literally, a couple of dozen and then some! Still, as a proof of concept, seems there might be some space for ole Grimsbeard (or Drunksbeard on Fridays) for some Twitch loving.

That said, this weekend will be a run-of-the-mill slow weekend for streaming, but next weekend I’ll welcome H1Z1 onto my playlist. I’ll post more about that game in a couple of days.

– Grims

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