Time for a Twitch Update

6 Jun

Time for a Twitch Update

News and updates!

We rebranded. The Brotherhood has retired. Enough ladies who came on into the stream mentioned it felt odd, and let’s face it, they’re right. So, good-bye brotherhood and …. hello The Skulls Crew!

In addition to rebranding, I also had some work done for new Twitch panel banners and a new alert notification. You’ll see that on stream when someone follows, hosts, donates, etc.

We’re still working on Affiliate, but I have good news! It is at hand. I have been working hard to get us into that sweet program and I know it’s now just a week or two out. Chat is getting busier each day. Followers are coming along in bursts. The channel is growing. Let me put it this way. In March I returned to streaming with 260 followers. As of today? I have 506!!!! WE PASSED THE 500 MARK!

Thank you everyone.

In other news: I have set up Ankhbot with some new commands. Check out !info when you can. Later this week I’ll include !games with some gambling options and such. And finally, I have my own Discord. I’ll add the link to my Ankhbot as soon as it’s ready to go!

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