The LONG awaited “Moving Ahead” post!

My goal is to sit down and do a VLOG for this one┬ábecause there’s a lot to take in, but yesterday I finally saw my Doctor after her lengthy maternity leave. For whatever reason, none of the paperwork the Weight Loss Clinic sent to her office managed to get picked up and worked on so she had a stack of forms when I saw her. Thankfully she was–as per usual–in good spirits and we went through the raft of forms. Blood tests have been done, Sleep Study has been ordered, other tests have been requested … and the ball is now moving. Finally!

I’ll get into this a little further sometime this week. I am working 8a-8p Tuesday – Friday this week, so I am going to have to find time somehow. Maybe the weekend?

The podcast isn’t abandoned either. I am just busy as hell and Richard isn’t exactly easy to nail down either. He has a busy work schedule and, of course, a social calendar to keep up with. But we’ll get down to brass tacks soon.


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