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Truth be told there was a point during my journey to good health where I thought I would have a heart attack before too long. Physically, I am the size of two full grown males who themselves are also overweight … that’s a reality horrifying on its own. Add into that I had little to no impulse control and very much treated my body much like a fun house. I ate too much and what I did eat, it was pretty consistently¬†a terrible diet. I drank soda almost twice daily and I drank energy drinks literally every day for the past six years. And, if I am at all honest, I enjoyed my whisky far too frequently (a 26 oz bottle over a weekend most weekends for several years … not a great idea). To make matters worse, I was having some pretty terrible sleep.

Since January I have changed a lot in my life. I cut out the frequent caffeine down to 1-2 times every couple of weeks or less. I eat well–by which I mean on the 80/20 scale of things, I eat shockingly well. I drink alcohol quite infrequently (though did have a good drunk on once in this time frame, but that pales in comparison to twice per week). Yet, despite controlling these things, I was still sleeping horribly. I’d wake up 2-4 times per night and I would find myself exhausted. My typical routine would be to go to bed at 9:30 pm because I knew I would wake up every two hours until around 7:30 am. That’s a horrible way to live especially when you add in a nine and a half hour work day (including the short commute). Despite knowing I was sleeping like crap, I was very much in denial that I had a sleeping issue. I very much thought it was my pre-diabetic state that was causing it all and that my medication would soon fix that. I was wrong.

There is some rationale to all of this. Back in 2002, I had a procedure to remove my tonsils, adenoids and removed some tissue from my mouth. The procedure is called uvulopalatopharyngoplasty and it is to help with easing obstructed sleep apnea. I thought that because I had that procedure done, I wouldn’t have an issue going forward. As it turns out, I had more issues than I thought and as I gained weight they would only get worse.

On March 19th I finally went in for a sleep study after waiting several months and I slept. Not only slept but slept well. During it I learned that I needed to have a CPAP machine because I would stop breathing a few times per minute. It was startling news, but it was news I not only needed to hear but news I would benefit from.

For the past week, I have been sleeping with a CPAP machine. Despite all my Bane jokes, I have learned already to like it. I sleep soundly without rousing in the middle of the night. I have not fallen asleep on the sofa watching TV. I have not fallen asleep sitting at my desk at work when the tediousness of the job sets in. It has been rather remarkable how much energy I have too and people around me say I appear far more energetic and happy. I cannot begin to express how amazing it is to sleep once again and I encourage literally everyone to consult their doctor to see if they might need a sleep study.

Now, next up for me? The next class with the Weight Management Clinic and then a surgery date.

This past Monday I went to the Ottawa Hospital Weight Management Clinic for the Information Session about the Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass surgery. This is basically step three of a dozen or so steps toward surgery. From that day, I am somewhere between 9 months to a year and a half from surgery.

First and foremost, I went into this information session very well armed already. A friend, Jess, has already gone through this process. She has been an invaluable resource and a solid rock of support when I turn to her. That said, despite not gleaning too much new information, I was able to build up a little more confidence in my decision and start facing some realities.

When I am out of town, I cannot self-regulate worth a damn

I love to justify my habits. I was out in Kingston on the weekend on the trip there I had 1 bottle of Diet Dr. Pepper (not the worst thing for me, but I do need to cut out carbonated drinks before surgery) and two pepperoni sticks. For my dinner, I had a 12 inch personalized veggie pizza with goat cheese, mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, spinach, onions and mushrooms on it from Score Pizza on Princess Street. It was delicious! And affordable too. That said, at Denny’s around 11:30pm, I had a Peanut butter chocolate milkshake. Yeah. So, that’s basically a big fat no no. But I justified it to myself for walking around a lot that night and having a healthy dinner. Sigh.

Moral of the story here is that I need to come to terms with how to eat when I am out. I mean, let’s be honest, being home is my comfort zone. Everything is well under control. When I go someplace to eat, however, food is their business and they want you to salivate over their offerings. Most of which are not good for you on a regular basis. Yeah, I know, one milkshake in a blue moon is fine (in fact, it’s the first milkshake I bought in years and the second milkshake I have had since Christmas … last time we made our own at home).

I am an emotional eater

If you know me, you know I am a sharer. I tell you what’s going on in my life and how things are. It’s part of how I cope with what bothers me. The other? Well, eating. For example … The lead up to this past weekend I was very sad. I won’t explain why because I feel like I will be grandstanding a bit, but know that leading up to the weekend I was ultimately bummed. This triggered some stupid food decisions because I often turn to stupid food choices when I am upset. I want to feel better and feel comforted and crappy food does it for me. And I know it. Sadly, it is also very hard to stop. I need to substitute the desire to eat ad replace it with something else. I’m going to try and write in a journal once again to avoid that sort of crap decision making.

Technology will be my ally

Sitting in this room on Monday with–and I say this without trying to be callous–more fat folks in one room than I have ever imagined, the nurse explained that we should use MyFitnessPal or another app like it. I downloaded it and started logging what I ate this week and how much walking I did. Since I already use technology to do damn near everything in my life, I think this will help me get further down my success path and help me to stay away from the crap. I hope.

Anyway, that’s it for now. A quick update. We’ll see how this goes.

Hey all,

I have talked about making a video for months now and finally, on a day off, sat down and shot it. I then did some minor editing to it. I would have liked to edit it more, but I have to be honest, 24 minutes is a long video … now imagine hearing yourself say things you hate hearing repeatedly because you have to keep looping to hit your edits. OY!! Next video will me shorter and maybe a little more polished.