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Woah, that was a bit of time between episodes. Sorry about that.

See, my schedule went from regular Mon – Fri, to not so much. Add in a couple of wild storms, some events, and it was hard to pin down time for Dick and me to get together and chat. But, we did it. Finally. Hoorah! And a Wild Oskar appeared to join in the fun. It’s nice that on our fifth episode we’re getting people to come over for a visit and getting people griping at us to supply links to the show already. Well, here it is! From Gaming to movies, the Olympics back to shows and a quick couple of chats around overall geekdom and nerdisms. It was a fun little chat and we’re looking forward to the next one.

ps. With three of us in the basement, I had a fan on. Sorry for that fan noise.
pps. I am looking into getting a mixing board and real mics by the end of the year. It’ll sound way better then.


Oi! Ok, I just went through a bunch of spam comments. I am definitely going to need to find a good plugin that helps filter those, but keeps the real comments coming. Fun stuff. Anyway, I have been taking a few weeks for myself. It’s been a bit of an emotional rollercoaster for me the past little while. A lot of good, some bad and many points in between for how I feel about it all. Regardless, I have a few things to attend to.

1) Twitch Streaming: I am returning to this hobby as of tonight! Three hours per night on M/W/Th with #Drunksbeard on Friday nights. Saturdays, because I am often busy on those, will be variable at best. So tune into my Twitch Stream just before 7:00pm ET for when I get going!

2) The podcast is doing well! Will and Dick’s Excellent Conversations is a lot of fun and we’re recording our next episode tomorrow, July 5th! I am seriously looking at a mixing board and proper mics for this because it’s actually getting some attention and that set up isn’t very expensive nor is it very complicated.

3) “Why I Eat” VLOG has yet to be filmed. It’s going to be my first one I do about my weight loss battle and one I believe I need to do to hold myself accountable, but it’s hard to “get in the mood” for. I mean, I need to be in a healthy and happy frame of mind to be able to open up and be as candid as I want to… I am hoping after this weekend’s tour around Prince Edward County‘s wine country will help me get there.

So there you have it. A quick and dirty update. A few things to definitely look forward to!

Here we go folks! We start off talking about Captain America (#HailHydra) through to X-Men: Apocalypse, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2, Indiana Jones 5, Blade Runner 2, oh and this little show known simply as Game of Thrones. From there we talk some about Fanarchy the movie, a little about Overwatch, Blizzard and Facebook … with some WWE News and cap it off with some real talk about fitness and health.

In other words … we ramble and you damn well love it! Give it a listen!