Sports weekend and streaming

Well, seems I have a bit of a following … ha! Awesome. So, I thought I’d post here about this busy weekend with UFC and then the Superbowl. Easier to do this than to make another splash screen talking about delays…

Friday, January 30th. Usually this #Drunksbeard plays starting at 7pm. I am going to push this back to 9pm because, well, Costco beckons and my wife tells me this is a good thing. Hah. So, I’ll be on a touch later, but likely means I’ll clear more alcohol faster.

Saturday, January 31st is UFC 183. I hate the Diaz brothers … I hate Silva. Dammit. I’ll cheer for Silva simply because I can’t stand the Diaz bros just that much more. Now, that said, I am taking off for the day. I might be on early morning, but that’s about it. So no stream for Saturday night. Sorry! That said, check back next week; I am going to do a new morning Stream session of retro games. Yup! Old NES, SNES, Genesis, if I can get my hands on stuff.

Sunday, February 1st is the Superbowl. With the Green Bay Packers out of it, I am left to make some awesome pulled pork and cry as I watch the Seahawks and Patriots play for the big prize. Boooo. But, that said, I’ll likely have folks over the event, so streaming is likely limited or not happening until after the game.

Got it all?

Awesome! Now, if you wanna, go hang out and bug Phreeck on his stream this weekend. He’ll be around.

– Grims

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