So…. here we go!

8 Nov

So…. here we go!

I know. I said I would make a video, but I wasn’t feeling up to it with only an inch of movement forward. I didn’t want to get my hopes up and then have to delay yet again. Fortunately, I received a phone call today that encourages me a little. But first, some pedantic storytelling!

A couple of weeks ago, my doctor returned from maternity leave. Since making this decision in January, I have felt a little listless without someone to watch over all the referrals and tests. Once she came back we had a pile of paperwork to go over. I had a little foresight and decided to fast from 10pm the night before and figured my 12:45p appointment would be more than enough time to keep from eating anything. Well, the appoint was delayed for over an hour! But, I was right. There were a ton of vials of blood to be drawn so the fasting was a good idea. I arrived at the blood clinic and they drew into questions my fasting … THANKS, GUYS! Jerks.

Anyway, the tests are pretty routine. A bunch of blood panels to check the Type II Diabetes (brought on by the weight). Check Chloresterol¬†(which I knew was slightly elevated). See how my other levels are. Oh and an electrocardiogram. I hated that. Nothing like being a super self-conscious fat guy laying half naked on a table with a technological squid attached to your man boobs and other places while some stranger tries her best to just get the test done and give you back some dignity. I was also ordered to start doing colon cancer screening since I turn 40 soon. I was surprised to find out that it wasn’t the stereotypical snap of the glove and casual lube up of a finger. I was pretty thankful for that. The trade off, though? I have to take samples, three times and smear them on basically a fancy as can be index card and mail it in. This hasn’t been the highlight, I’ll tell you that much. I have also had a sleep study requested for me, but I don’t snore and I don’t stop breathing when I sleep … Turns out my 2002 surgery to prevent sleep apnea might have worked. It’s too bad because of the Type II Diabetes I need to get up every two or so hours anyway. Stupid tiny bladder. I miss those years I could hold it for hours on end. Now it’s a routine to hit the john every few hours. Hopefully, weight loss changes that too!

So there, now you’re caught up on the biology as I know it. I have an appointment on the 28th to see my doctor. Hopefully, she doesn’t have bad news and I suddenly realize I am far sicker than I imagine–I doubt it.

As of this afternoon my file is with the nurse at the RNY clinic. It should be reviewed in the coming day or two and then I will likely receive a call to go see them. I am a little excited that things have indeed progressed!



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  1. I hear you on the EKG … had to do it for different reasons but equally uncomfortable and I’m pretty sure it messes with your heart rate. At least the bed was comfy.

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