Rust update, Server pooched until Oxide MOD updated

Pretty much what the title tells you.

I also did a bit of a plugin overhaul today and changed some things on a few plugins that I think will streamline the experience online. Nothing major. I changed the automatic kit to another one that only loads once as a new SteamID to the server. This should cut down on the junk in your inventory. I also updated the remover tool, which means you can all remove your own stuff and make some non-standard structures. Don’t go overboard with this though. I think this is borderline glitchy, but since Rust developers have made it clear that they don’t care what people do with their game, I can’t really complain either. I changed the /players addon to something that looks better and also changed the /where plugin back to /players one. You’ll see the difference when you do /players.

Now… to wait for OxideMOD to get updated and we can play again.

– Grims




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