Rust Server Updates, BF4, TitanFall and Twitch

Let’s get this rolling. It’s been a few days since I have been able to post. Mostly because I am lazy and tend not to wanna write something. What can I say?  Anyway, since I am using this page to push information about the Rust Server, I’ll start with that.

[Bear Den] Rust Server

There’s been a lot of issues as of late on the server. Most of which you guys don’t see, because well, it’s all admin crap. MODs not working right, plugins causing spam, and such. I have overhauled the plugin list on the server. Currently we have the following:

Admin Tools: AdminDoor, Command Watcher, Airdrop Frequency Command, AutoMessage, Flags and Oxmin
Player Tools: Advanced Users List, Chat History, Groups, Economy, Door Sharing, Death Handler, Banking, MultiHome, Game Time, Player Location and Protection

Phew! That looks like a lot. It’s really not. The /help file will give you explanations in all but Banking. That one is easy though. If you want to deposit cash it /bank deposit #### and to withdraw it is /bank withdraw #### … Not too hard.

Now with that out of the way, I can move on and talk about Battlefield 4.

For those who know, I also play a lot of BF4 (under the name Grimzbeard b/c some how my nom de plume was already taken years ago when I signed up for Origin)… I have been an avid fan of Battlefield ever since BF1942. So much so I was one of the Shoutcasters on BF Radio … Yeah, you’re probably asking yourself what a Shoutcaster is. It was before streaming was really a thing. Basically I would load into a game as a spectator and record the action live as a play-by-play and then upload it attached to the video of the event and people would watch. It was kind of a neat concept, but with modern technology, it’s become pretty obsolete. Anyway, long story short, I have played a LOT of Battlefield over the years. On February 13th the latest patch dropped for BF4 (just in time for the Premium double XP weekend) and low and behold it’s causing massive crashing issues. So much so that I even talked to EA Customer Support and was given the lines “only a few hundred players are affected” and “this game is running fantastically.” Ugh!!! Thank god I got a distraction…

TitanFall Beta — Yes, I got a key. Neener neener neener… 😉

Ok, I am on the fence. Really, I am. I wanted something grand in scope by comparison to this. The concept is neat. You play as a “pilot” for a “Titan” (mech) that drops based on your performance in the game. The upside to the game is that it explores the map really well. You can go anywhere on the map you can see, and monkey around as you see fit. The Titan itself plays the same as your pilot, so it’s a seamless transition and I really like that you can use your Titan to do some things without you in the cockpit. The downside? The maps, while you can explore all over the place, there’s no reason to … They’re pretty linear and they are awfully small.

There are currently three game types. Attrition (Team Death Match), Hardpoint (Domination) and Last Titan Standing (nuff said) on a couple of maps. In Attrition, well, the center of the map is the most frequently used. The spawn isn’t set up to be dynamic and always moving around the action, so you spawn pretty much in the same spot and run into battle. In Hardpoint there are clear objectives. Excellent. Done. And Last Titan Standing, frankly, no one plays it, so I really have nothing to say about it. Here’s the catch … as your pilot, you can freely run and jump about as you see fit. Up walls, boosting, etc. You know where the action is going to be so you can engage equally as you see fit. As your Titan, however, you’re locked into specific lanes. Yup. I said it. Lanes. Everyone likes those! While the maps appear to be free and open, they’re really not. There are only a finite number of routes you can take in your titan because it cannot jump, nor fly. It’s simply a there… It can sprint and dash, but that’s about it. And they’re not immune to attacks from pilots either! Each pilot can use a weapon to hurt Titans or they can just climb onto your damned head (far easier than you think) with very little you can do about it… Oooh, Titan Smoke…. big whoop, by then you’re half dead.

The real kick in the teeth to all of this is that despite how annoying the Titans can be, I really do enjoy the game play when my team isn’t collectively trying to hump a greased pig. But, for the moment, it offers nothing new. I get my run and gun in BF4 (when it works) with awesome vehicles (assuming that I am not instantly blown out of the sky … tickrate … dammit) and my mech fix comes from MechWarrior Online.


My stream isn’t used that often. Reason for it? The quality is crap. Here in Canada we have providers who love to nickel and dime us. I have unlimited internet, thankfully, but I am also only getting a 2Mb/s upload. This means the quality of my stream, in order to be reliable, is equal to that of a sack of crap. This likely won’t change for a while because I cannot justify the cost. Sorry. So if you watch my Stream, put up with it for now.

– Grims



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