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And if you don’t get that reference it’s because I am old. Anyway, on to more pertinent information.

First and foremost, I know, I have done it again, but I don’t care. I have changed the Rust server name. In fact, I actually changed a lot about it. The name, the location, the IP and so on. Now you can find the Rust server in an east coast location (much closer to me geographically too) which I am hoping will tap into more people logging in. The name change is to reflect more the current status and what we have to offer. In this post, I’ll also go through the plugins one by one (as there are several) and give a break down on what each one does for the player base.

Name: — Bear Den |Oxide & more|1/4 Craft|PVP|Slprs|DoorShare
IP Address:

Plugins (descriptions and links pending):

Oxide MOD

The backbone of everything that follows on this list. This mod allows for us to do so much more with Rust while the game, still in Alpha, develops and either includes this sort of stuff or it doesn’t. Regardless, we use it and if there are suggestions, please feel free to give your feedback.

Admin Door Bypass

The name literally says it all. It permits the admin to bypass your doors. Now, that said, we have to be logged into Rcon and with the addon active. Since I encourage the use of Rusty, the only reason why this would be used is in the event of suspicious activity.


One of the biggest complaints from servers I have seen happens to be the general upkeep of structures. This plugin permits us to keep our structures up for as long as we like. Now, that’s not to say that we won’t turn it off for a few days and let things come apart, or remove an unused structure over time, but the idea is to have a persistent world where we can log in and out at our leisure and have fun as we see fit.

Arena Plugin

Nice and simple plugin to make getting to the arena quick. We have a couple of arenas in the works and when completed it’ll be easy for an admin to set the area as an arena and then players, when told it is open, can type /arena to get there.

Auto Message

The Bear Den has several messages that are intended to provide messages to the players and Auto Message permits that to happen. This can include status information or prompt players to help with certain aspects of the server itself. These messages are frequently updated and often useful.

Auto Starter Kit

While logging into vanilla Rust servers with nothing more than a rock, two bandages and a torch is fun, it can be also a bit of a hassle. On our servers you get a little more so you can get your feet on the ground. However, we still advise you to keep moving and find a secure place to put down roots. For Admins, this permits us to load up with our admin gear quickly without having to type out long string commands in console, but as earlier stated, if we’re doing this it is because it’s to help the server with an issue that needs fixing.

Black Wolves Banking

A new addition to the server, so I really haven’t had a chance to mess with it. I assume it’s a simple money banking system, but maybe some items too? Would be neat to see that players can stash something away for a rainy (or raidy) day.


A simple system that allows players to place and collect bounties. You place a bounty by simply doing /bounty Name Value and when that person dies, the bounty is collected.

Chat History

A straight forward app that adds /history to the command list and displays the last 20 lines of chat sent to the server. You can even see the last 20 lines of chat from before you logged in.

Command Watcher

Purely an admin tool that only gets enabled when suspecting foul play might be occurring. Otherwise, this stays off. We don’t want to know what everyone types all the time.

Compass / Location MOD

One thing that Rust does not have is an in game map. This is both awesome and annoying. I, personally, never seem to get lost, but trying to tell people how to find me is a pain. This plugin has an elegent and simple /location command that will give you coordinates. You can also log into RustMap using Steam and track where you are. An excellent MOD and a new addition to the server, so will take some time getting used to.

Configurable Economy (fork)

Don’t want a pile of rocks? Sell them. Want a M4? Buy it. Everything you do in Rust that is not related to gathering wood or metal has some sort of economic value attached to it. You can save up plenty of money and buy yourself some of the more difficult to find items in the game.

Death Handler

An automatic announcement that is displayed every time someone is killed in PVP. It announces who was killed by whom, with what and where the final point of damage was done.

Door Sharing

Permits the /share command for your doors with anyone you choose, but does not override the door code feature of Rust. Word of caution: only share doors with someone you think you can trust or have a working arrangement with. Once you share your doors, you are opening someone up to your home and to your loot unless you further restrict their access with the door code inherent to the game.

Fix Your Name

Purely meant to have people join the server with proper alpha numeric names. This plugin will deny people with special characters or colour codes from joining the server. With the use of Rusty (a great third party app), admins can actively monitor who is on and deal with any issues regardless of non-standard names, but this plugin assists the admin group.


Allows owner/admin to add flags to people and groups to help other plugins do their job. Really neat little plugin to be honest, but something new to the server so currently monkeying around with it.

Game Time

No one likes logging in and wondering if the day just started or was just ending. Equally, and likely more frustrating, is the same curiosity when it comes to night time. Well, now you can simply do /time and be in the know!


Like flags, handles some of the behind the scenes plugin requirements to make things do what they do.

Players List

Another light weight information providing plugin. Want to know who is on? Type /players and you will see who is currently connected. Downside, IMO, is that it shows invisible admins as well. 


Great plugin to get feedback from players with by simply polling the masses. It is, by and large, something for the admins to use, but exceptionally useful nonetheless.

Private Messaging

This one is a bit tricky. You can send a message directly to someone else on the server, however, because of the way Rust is set up, it has come conditions. You do /pm Target “Message in between the quotes” and it cannot exceed something like 40 characters. However, still useful both as a player and an admin.


Along with the Auto-Starter Kit, this one is aimed straight at the new player. When a new player connects, they have a two hours grace period where they cannot be killed by a player. This state, however, is removed if they attack another player or damage someone else’s structure. There are flags for reconnected players and recently killed players that are being tested on this server, but chances are those will be disabled.

Remover Tool

Permits admins to remove structures. The player part of the tool has been disabled to avoid potential for abuse and creation of non-standard structures. As it stands, the Rust Development team is working on structure ownership as well as variety for the types of structures permitted.


A light wait calculator that keeps track of your PVP and PVE statistics. It also gives you an idea of who is top dog on the server when it comes to killing players … or in some cases … suicides.

Quite a long list, but a lot of these plugins work in conjunction with other ones and there are, of course, a few Admin specific ones.

So come onto the server… Build… gack… do whatever you feel like (within the rules of course), but above all please have fun.

– Grims

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