I know. I said I would make a video, but I wasn’t feeling up to it with only an inch of movement forward. I didn’t want to get my hopes up and then have to delay yet again. Fortunately, I received a phone call today that encourages me a little. But first, some pedantic storytelling!

A couple of weeks ago, my doctor returned from maternity leave. Since making this decision in January, I have felt a little listless without someone to watch over all the referrals and tests. Once she came back we had a pile of paperwork to go over. I had a little foresight and decided to fast from 10pm the night before and figured my 12:45p appointment would be more than enough time to keep from eating anything. Well, the appoint was delayed for over an hour! But, I was right. There were a ton of vials of blood to be drawn so the fasting was a good idea. I arrived at the blood clinic and they drew into questions my fasting … THANKS, GUYS! Jerks.

Anyway, the tests are pretty routine. A bunch of blood panels to check the Type II Diabetes (brought on by the weight). Check Chloresterol (which I knew was slightly elevated). See how my other levels are. Oh and an electrocardiogram. I hated that. Nothing like being a super self-conscious fat guy laying half naked on a table with a technological squid attached to your man boobs and other places while some stranger tries her best to just get the test done and give you back some dignity. I was also ordered to start doing colon cancer screening since I turn 40 soon. I was surprised to find out that it wasn’t the stereotypical snap of the glove and casual lube up of a finger. I was pretty thankful for that. The trade off, though? I have to take samples, three times and smear them on basically a fancy as can be index card and mail it in. This hasn’t been the highlight, I’ll tell you that much. I have also had a sleep study requested for me, but I don’t snore and I don’t stop breathing when I sleep … Turns out my 2002 surgery to prevent sleep apnea might have worked. It’s too bad because of the Type II Diabetes I need to get up every two or so hours anyway. Stupid tiny bladder. I miss those years I could hold it for hours on end. Now it’s a routine to hit the john every few hours. Hopefully, weight loss changes that too!

So there, now you’re caught up on the biology as I know it. I have an appointment on the 28th to see my doctor. Hopefully, she doesn’t have bad news and I suddenly realize I am far sicker than I imagine–I doubt it.

As of this afternoon my file is with the nurse at the RNY clinic. It should be reviewed in the coming day or two and then I will likely receive a call to go see them. I am a little excited that things have indeed progressed!



My goal is to sit down and do a VLOG for this one because there’s a lot to take in, but yesterday I finally saw my Doctor after her lengthy maternity leave. For whatever reason, none of the paperwork the Weight Loss Clinic sent to her office managed to get picked up and worked on so she had a stack of forms when I saw her. Thankfully she was–as per usual–in good spirits and we went through the raft of forms. Blood tests have been done, Sleep Study has been ordered, other tests have been requested … and the ball is now moving. Finally!

I’ll get into this a little further sometime this week. I am working 8a-8p Tuesday – Friday this week, so I am going to have to find time somehow. Maybe the weekend?

The podcast isn’t abandoned either. I am just busy as hell and Richard isn’t exactly easy to nail down either. He has a busy work schedule and, of course, a social calendar to keep up with. But we’ll get down to brass tacks soon.


Woah, that was a bit of time between episodes. Sorry about that.

See, my schedule went from regular Mon – Fri, to not so much. Add in a couple of wild storms, some events, and it was hard to pin down time for Dick and me to get together and chat. But, we did it. Finally. Hoorah! And a Wild Oskar appeared to join in the fun. It’s nice that on our fifth episode we’re getting people to come over for a visit and getting people griping at us to supply links to the show already. Well, here it is! From Gaming to movies, the Olympics back to shows and a quick couple of chats around overall geekdom and nerdisms. It was a fun little chat and we’re looking forward to the next one.

ps. With three of us in the basement, I had a fan on. Sorry for that fan noise.
pps. I am looking into getting a mixing board and real mics by the end of the year. It’ll sound way better then.