Oxide MOD update…..sometime

Hey folks.

I re-branded the server to¬†[Bear Den] – Grimsbeard.com | Waiting on Oxide | … The reason? Waiting on OxideMOD to be updated. I know they’re working on it, but it’s taking a bit. They are, naturally, slinging back the whole line they are doing the MOD for free, so count on this taking a bit… Hopefully tonight. Maybe tomorrow?

Definitely (I think) by Friday. So, vanilla Rust for now.

If you are worried about your home decaying, remember, you can go to the highest point of your structure and use Wood on a wooden structure and Metal Fragments on a metal structure to repair it. I suggest that you do.

When the MOD is updated, count on me bringing the server down as soon as I can. Usually I do this sort of stuff on the mornings before I work, but with this one, I might do it the second the host has Oxide up there.

– Grims

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