My birthday reflection

It’s tough for me to say which was my favourite moment of my birthday because I had so many excellent little surprises over a twenty-four hour period. It all kicked off on Friday night when my wife handed me an ASUS box (from my recent video card upgrade) and inside I found a coffee table book about whiskeys and two small bottles, one Forty Creek and the other Grants, for me to enjoy. That wasn’t the only cool gift my wife had in store, but I will definitely circle back to that by the end of this post.

Saturday, on my actual birthday, Richard and I took off for our annual routine of buffet lunch at Tucker’s Marketplace. This year we decided to head out for the Casino du Lac-Leamy afterward to enjoy a drink and a cigar there, but the lounge doesn’t open until 4:00p on a Saturday. Instead we spent twenty dollars on slot machines we didn’t understand and opted simply to cruise around the city listening to music from the 1990s and telling (mostly) immature jokes. It was a blast. Just before 4:30p I arrived at the LARP location and was greeted by five of the players and I settled in for what I thought would be a fun, but stressful game. I had a lot of ideas in my head about how my recent battery of plot hints and notes back to the players would play out, but they definetly surprised me by pacing themselves and not trying to rush on the storyline too much. I gave them just enough that they couldn’t reasonably finish this story in the month since last game and not many tried to rail road it through. I call that a success! Equally, one of the players handed me a birthday present of game code for Batman: Arkham Knight. As most people who know me can tell you, I am a huge Batman fan and any game or animation with Kevin Conroy as the voice of Batsy Boy makes my day!

After the game the majority of us headed back to my place. The gifts I received were so unnecessary, but still equally awesome. Watching my neighbour, Adam, leap the fence and give me a hug and a high five. That was pretty hilarious. The rest of the neighbours at my fence shouting for me to have a happy birthday filled with lots of drinks. Ben bringing my own Pangalactic Gargleblaster to enjoy was pretty cool too. While sitting back and enjoying said drink, Sarah brought around a large cake for all of us to enjoy. Apparently Sarah was sly with the cake purchase too. I am a bit frugal and tend to know when too much money is coming out of the account. So, Sarah pocketed small increments of money away and basically snuck in purchasing this rather huge cake without me having a single clue about it. Hah! Finally, Sarah told me to head to where I have my computer set up and she had gone out and purchased a couple of wooden boxes to use as risers for my monitors and she set them up for me. Before these boxes, I was using my old Xbox One box and a couple of puzzle boxes … Not exactly stable nor cool, but now they looks awesome and sit well together.

So yeah, basically, I had a lot of fun on my birthday and thankful to everyone who came out and enjoyed the day with me!

~ Grims

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