Lots of updates

Okay, so I have been “lazy” on this site. Well, not really as lazy as you may think.

I have started my own LARP, so busy getting that going. It’ll be fun. This weekend is the first game. Good lord I am insane! And tired.

When I am not writing for that LARP, I am working … and when I am not doing that, I am hanging out on my Twitch channel. Check it out. It’s pretty awesome streaming my games and silliness.

Notice some changes here? Yeah, a little. Colour schemes and such. Logos. Favicon and such. I have hired someone to do all my graphics for me across the site, Twitter, Youtube, Steam and… Twitch. Pretty sweet work too. The guy is pro and amazing.

Keep watching. Keep looking at the site. I’ll be doing more updates.

– Grims

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