A heads up…

The Rust server was updated to the latest version of the game and Oxide. Now, it has created a pile of errors in RCON console, but that is because of plugin LUAs being out of date. I’ll keep an eye on it.

Now, that said, I am sincerely debating just giving up on running the server. It’s been just about a month and while I have five players or so who seem to enjoy the server, I simply cannot generate enough interest to get people on there. Simply stated, there are far too many Rust servers out there. I am the only admin on the server, I refuse to abuse my power where others on their servers have no issue doing so, I have been raided twice and yet I turn the other cheek rather than seek revenge in god mode … My only reward I wanted was a steady and populated server.

It’s a lot easier to not run the server. Believe me. Something goes wrong, if I am on BF4, I feel totally obligated to fix it on Rust. I shouldn’t but I do.

I’ll think about it.

Finally, I am at work for basically 12 hours each day this week. Reach me via my email (linked on site).

– Grimsbeard

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