So I got a little bummed… but I’m still good

With the rise and fall of my Rust server, I found myself a little bummed and discouraged when it comes to this blog. Yeah, how sensitive, boo hoo! Shaddup. 😉

Anyway, I am going to try and get back to it. Let’s do this then…. Every weekend I am going to fire up Twitch along side whatever game I am playing. I have been all over Battlefield 4 lately playing with a group of guys from FYC and another from FNG and of course, my boys, Chappy and Phreeck, who I just can’t stay away from… They’re jerks, but my kind of jerks.

Let me warn you that what yer gonna hear on my Twitch sometimes won’t be nice. There’s a lot of off colour and down right crass jokes flying around. So if you got some ultra Political Correct ideal, don’t watch it. Equally, if you have some ultra left or right leaning mentality and think it’ll be a good time to laugh and make jokes that are uncomfortable because only you find it funny … don’t watch.

Anyway…. Keep an eye on my Twitch.


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