A Christmas Gift For Andrew

How do I put this … Andrew, Sarah’s younger brother, is pretty much the best. Like all of us he gets cranky, hell, down right obstinate, but when you split the hairs he’s a rather cheerful and fun loving kind of guy. At thirty years old, the world should be his oyster and he should be doing literally anything he wishes with his life … but Andrew was born with Duschenne Muscular Dystrophy. Yet, as if in spite of this disease that has robbed of him things in life we absolutely take for granted, he facing each day with a smile; for that, he is my hero.

Over the years I have watched my brother-in-law’s body go from the ability to give a strong hug to barely able to life a finger to shake your hand. When I met him, he could feed himself, but then it became everyone taking turns to make sure he is fed solid foods, but now down to making sure his foods are soft or pureed. It is simply heartbreaking.

So, I came up with this idea a few weeks ago to treat Andrew for Christmas. I wanted to give him a night out, but since that doesn’t work, was thinking about re-creating that night out at home. Bring his favourite restaurant to him sort of feel.

As it turns out, Andrews favourite place to eat is a local pizzeria… Bringing that sort of feel to his home will require some work. I want to put together a bunch of little items to make a pizzeria for him in his bedroom. So, I am looking for ideas or really anything to help me bring this idea to fruition.


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