First full night of H1Z1

In my previous post, I talked about my first impressions of the game after a quick two hours session before work on Friday. Now, I want to post about what it was like to run around for most of the night in the game trying to find my band of misfits from TeamSpeak all the while streaming for what felt like forever on Twitch. It was, to put it mildly, equal parts frustration, tension and joy.

First, I want to address a couple of things. My initial reaction mentioned some of the issues I saw with the game. Well, I doubt the developers looked at my blog that pulls down a dozen or so readers each post and went “gee, this guy is onto something,” but if they did, am I ever glad. Yesterday the developers acknowledged that there were considerable issues with the game even as a Early Access Alpha. The mobs ignored your presence, loot was nowhere to be found and it was laggy as all hell. Fortunately in a series of hotfixes and server upgrades, the mobs came to life, loot was plentiful and the server lag had disappeared. Yay! Pro-tip: machetes are a good way to deal with zombies AND people … axes are not. You want speed as well as mobility, my friends.

Okay so the night started with Phreeck, Chappy, and lowly ol’ Grimsbeard running around trying to find one another. We never did find Chappy. I think he was swallowed alive by hordes of zombies and bandits alike. Maybe even some zombie bandits, who knows? He can’t really tell us. I did find Phreeck in some warehouse district and we got into some heavy combat where I died. Upon my return I killed some jack ass with a bow, took all his stuff and found Phreeck in a fight. Well, in the confusion of it all, I unleashed an arrow and … shit; there went Phreeck. I was promptly hit by a jeep after that and we would not find one another again.

Later in the night I got on with Tiger and Paul Kersey, loaded up the H1Z1 Map I found on Reddit and off we went! It felt like a life time as I lucked out in Rancho Somethingorother — note: not a named place on this rather sparsely detailed map — when I found a compass. I finally had direction! I also found pistols (no ammo), water and along the way to Paul Kersey’s location, all of the supplies I could dream of to start building a base of operations. It took at least an hour, if not more, for all three of us to find one another and yet, shockingly, we individually had to run from bandits, but as a group found none. High in the mountains we built a little shack where we got into and called it a night there. I am anxious to log back in and hopefully find my home still there or find it completely demolished. Next goal: make fire for I need to cook the deer rotting away in my pants. Hah.

Overall, I think this game has a ton of potential. With the lag fixed, I find it far more enjoyable, frenetic and definitely puts you on the edge of paranoia with one foot dangling into the abyss. It is, for all intents and purposes, ahead of DayZ Standalone on Day 1 as well as Rust on Day 1 (in either iteration of the game) while combining elements from both of those titles into a more cerebral package. Now, if they could bring in some aspects of Resident Evil zombies or Nether style encounters, my god, it could be a juggernaut.

Money well spent.

– Grims

ps. Hey Devs? Blackberries … could I see way to eat volume of these? Maybe put in if you over-eat them you puke up purple stuff? 🙂
pps. Hey look! A better map for H1Z1 found here!

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