Facebook Scam

This morning I received a frantic call from my wife because she thought that perhaps she had done something totally wrong… A friend of ours mother contacted her on Facebook about some lottery and, well, it sounded too good to be true and literally was. Fortunately, my wife loves pulling the old “let me talk to my husband” line when she gets faced with something that sounds like complete bullshit. What I do like is that the moment she realized she was being scammed, she fished the hell out of this person.

Please note that the people in this, Silvana and Sarah, know one another and aren’t in any way strangers. Sil is my friend Alex’s mother, a sweet woman with a heart of pure gold and a sense of humour that’d make a sailor blush. Sarah’s pretty much the younger version… Sil is aware her account was hacked.



First and foremost…. a pile of money? American money? Come on now! I can get by the horrible spelling, but the money is laughable. Ok, I can’t get by the horrible spelling, but I can at least ignore it for the moment. Anyway, here’s where it got priceless.


Whichever international entity is trying to pull this off are a bunch of jack-offs.

Fortunately, Sarah called me, I logged into her account and immediately changed her password to something that can withstand some jack-off taking over her account and duping some of her own friends. By the way, you know what I suggest for everyone? LastPass. What a great service! I have a master password that helps me keep all of my important passwords safe including home and at work. Everyone should have this service too.

Don’t get scammed!


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  1. Jon April 28, 2015 5:47 pm  Reply

    You should have asked her to ask him how the weather was in Nigeria

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