DICE to address “netcode” issues in BF4

My favourite game series of all time is Battlefield. I have played literally every offering they have had on the PC and will likely do so. I am a huge fan of dynamic game play, offering players many different options on how they want to approach blowing one another away with virtual munitions.

Battlefield 4 is the latest installment of the franchise and it was clear the game was shipped six months (at minimum) early just to compete against the Call of Duty franchise. The downside to this is that it left players awfully jilted.

When the game came out, there was a lot of issues surrounding some of the maps and causing constant crashes. It was almost unplayable for some of these maps, but EA announced it would both create a forum for keeping players up to date and would not release new content until all issues were resolved. Both of these promises were swiftly forgotten about … That said, they did indeed work to correct issues and by Christmas the game was playable, but now everyone was complaining about the “netcode” and “tickrate” of the game.

With the recent release of their second DLC, Second Assault, the same sound-lo0p crash crept up and made four more maps completely unplayable for a host of players. It took a couple of weeks, but eventually EA would recognize the issues and press DICE into service to fix them… and indeed, they have been fixed, but the netcode is still horrible.

Well … now there’s a news release that says that they recognize that the game isn’t playing to their best intentions and they’re working on it. Oh and they state they’ll keep the community up to date … Don’t hold your breath.

About time? Too little too late?

Chances are the next Battlefield game will come out by the time this game is stable and completely playable, but this is par for the course. The franchise has always had issues and no one ever seems content.

– Grims

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