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Let’s Talk

I circle back to this subject frequently. I think it’s my way of coping because I have never officially reached out and talked to someone other than friends or to myself. There’s nothing wrong with a healthy dialogue with one’s self if you ask me. I have never sat down with someone who, with pad Read more

2016 Holiday Letter

How was 2016? What changed? What’s new? Well … looking back at 2015 and how that year ended with a popping sound, followed by a wince and then a big admission. Sadly, 2016 hasn’t been a banner year for us. It wasn’t the step forward we had wanted, nor was it the transition year that we Read more

So…. here we go!

I know. I said I would make a video, but I wasn’t feeling up to it with only an inch of movement forward. I didn’t want to get my hopes up and then have to delay yet again. Fortunately, I received a phone call today that encourages me a little. But first, some pedantic storytelling! Read more