ARK: 724 Hours and Uninstalled, Star Wars Battlefront Beta

I am a really big fan of two things … The first is playing with a group of people in pretty much any gaming experience and the second is survival games. In the case of ARK: Survival Evolved, I played with my usual gaming group for the first couple of hundred hours of play time in this game. But, as all things we ever play together, the vast majority of the casual playing folks drift off and only the truly hardcore enthusiasts are left standing to play. In this case, that was only me.

I really liked ARK. I thought it had great support from the development team. It was definitely a game you cannot play and be success at alone. So, I had to adapt a bit and play with people who are not my usual group of folks. That definitely spells the eventual end of my time with a game regardless of what I am playing. I tend to lean toward being on TeamSpeak with Phreeck, Tiger, Paul, Riku, BananaNinja, Goomba, Pengy, Kay, Midgetman, or the other drop ins. Hell, my stream features that same group of people the majority of time and the crazy shit we talk about. And that brings me to another issue. ARK is not a game for streaming. It’s mostly running around resource collection, which is boring as shit, and if you show off your base you tend to run the risk of being stream sniped (which happened early on to us and caused some of the guys to stop playing the game and caused me to stop having VoDs for a while).

Anyway, what eventually was the undoing for ARK and my relationship was the new group of people I played with also started to fade away. The final nail in the proverbial coffin was the new Biomes. I really liked the idea of having them implemented, but where my main base was located (which took some 300-400 hours of my own time to build up) I was staged to be in the winter biome. When Lamar and I looked for information on the launch of these biomes did not find a concrete post telling players that all bases in the biome would be deleted, but rather if bases didn’t conform to the changing terrain parts or all of their base would be destroyed. As it turns out, we felt that the development team lied to us. Not that it mattered, we had only a handful of hours to tear down a base and save ourselves from losing everything on a weekend when I wasn’t available to play and in the end of it, we lost our base. I liked the new content the biome change added, but since it was just Lamar and I in our little basin, I couldn’t bothered to start anew. I uninstalled ARK a couple of weeks ago.

So now what? Well, Call of D… no wait, that’s not it. Battlefield Star…. no, that’s not it either. Right. Star Wars Battlefront had their beta release last night. I played to the beta max level and on both map types, but I am giving this game a 0.5/10 score. EA Games had access to one of the best IPs in the world and the rights to make an amazing game, but all they did was make a Call of Duty clone with beautiful Star Wars sound clips. There is so much I can say about this game and I might do so in a video, but honestly, the game is only for the true fan of out of date shooters and Star Wars. I am a big Star Wars fan, but not to that extent.

Moving forward? Telltale Games has their library on sale on Steam. That SHOULD keep me busy until Fallout 4.


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