An Open Letter to the folks at the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform and the jerk who flyered my house

First, I want to thank you for putting the mailbox on the front of our town home in Kanata to use. Ever since Canada Post shifted mail delivery to community mailboxes, I have felt that our house box has been woefully neglected. That said, I am having a difficult time not wishing a damned painful existence on you and your ilk. Allow me to explain.

Today one of your sheeple decided to drop off a flyer that is clearly against Justin Trudeau’s bid for Prime Minister of Canada. I respect ones opinion to think a candidate is the wrong choice, but in this case your flyer used the statement that Mr. Trudeau “supports abortion until birth.” Allow me to clearly state that the right, a woman’s right, to dictate and choose her own path, be that one you like or not, is inalienable and one you cannot reverse by a simple flyer campaign. This whole “to birth” bit is contentious at best, but let’s just erase that and go with the crux of your real concern. I am sure if we said he’d only support abortion to a specific trimester, that still wouldn’t be good enough. I am positive your real argument is that he simply supports abortion. Period. Full stop. So, what can you do about it? Nothing. It is enshrined and entrenched and one that cannot be changed by a simple word. Ask Mr. Harper how successful he was after his 2005 speech about “family values” and in denouncing the right for us to marry whichever sex we wish to. I am willing to bet that too burns your skivvies, but I don’t want to get how narrow that is at this very moment.

What really pisses me off about this flyer is that, at first, it appears to be quite graphic. Why it has flashy pictures of a fetuses (for truly lack of a better word) butchered in high gloss. Now, I have seen a lot in my time and more than any simple and humble office worker truly should, but I doubt both the validity of the claim as equally as I do the authenticity of those photos. I have seen similar in debunking links all over the internet when someone, like me, gets pissed off enough to write a letter much like this one. I won’t waste the Reddit community’s time with the link, but I am sure they get the idea …. Essentially, the images are just shock value. Meant to illicit a response and I am sure the one I am writing now is not their ideal.

Look, let’s face it. You’re a cold and blind neurotic little shit in my books. The sort that preaches on high while taking advantage of those who have no other choice but to follow you (your kids) down this dark path. This sort of indoctrination into the warped belief that what a book written by men is somehow infallible. Sadly, said book was authored by men in funny hats and robes and then re-written/redacted in the ideal of a long ago king to remove the unseemly bits according to his belief structure. The worst part of it is that the vast majority of your sort haven’t taken the time to read the damn thing and catch onto the fact that much of it is written to be allegorical and not a lick of it is relevant to our current era.

Anyway, I just wanted to remind you that you are indeed one of the lowest of the low out there and these sorts of flyers could very easily upset someone. They could even rile someone up, but I am hopeful–perhaps the extent of foolishly so–that no one takes you seriously and you keep wasting money on these idiotic crusades.

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