A Wild Oskar Appeared!

Woah, that was a bit of time between episodes. Sorry about that.

See, my schedule went from regular Mon – Fri, to not so much. Add in a couple of wild storms, some events, and it was hard to pin down time for Dick and me to get together and chat. But, we did it. Finally. Hoorah! And a Wild Oskar appeared to join in the fun. It’s nice that on our fifth episode we’re getting people to come over for a visit and getting people griping at us to supply links to the show already. Well, here it is! From Gaming to movies, the Olympics back to shows and a quick couple of chats around overall geekdom and nerdisms. It was a fun little chat and we’re looking forward to the next one.

ps. With three of us in the basement, I had a fan on. Sorry for that fan noise.
pps. I am looking into getting a mixing board and real mics by the end of the year. It’ll sound way better then.


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