A quick update

Oi! Ok, I just went through a bunch of spam comments. I am definitely going to need to find a good plugin that helps filter those, but keeps the real comments coming. Fun stuff. Anyway, I have been taking a few weeks for myself. It’s been a bit of an emotional rollercoaster for me the past little while. A lot of good, some bad and many points in between for how I feel about it all. Regardless, I have a few things to attend to.

1) Twitch Streaming: I am returning to this hobby as of tonight! Three hours per night on M/W/Th with #Drunksbeard on Friday nights. Saturdays, because I am often busy on those, will be variable at best. So tune into my Twitch Stream just before 7:00pm ET for when I get going!

2) The podcast is doing well! Will and Dick’s Excellent Conversations is a lot of fun and we’re recording our next episode tomorrow, July 5th! I am seriously looking at a mixing board and proper mics for this because it’s actually getting some attention and that set up isn’t very expensive nor is it very complicated.

3) “Why I Eat” VLOG has yet to be filmed. It’s going to be my first one I do about my weight loss battle and one I believe I need to do to hold myself accountable, but it’s hard to “get in the mood” for. I mean, I need to be in a healthy and happy frame of mind to be able to open up and be as candid as I want to… I am hoping after this weekend’s tour around Prince Edward County‘s wine country will help me get there.

So there you have it. A quick and dirty update. A few things to definitely look forward to!

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